Current Music Favourites // 01

Jamie T;
Play me anything by Jamie T and I'm sure that you'll have my admiration forever. I lovvee Jamie T's original, rough sounding voice and style of music so damn much. Particularly the songs: "Limits Lie"; "Turn On The Light"; "Rabbit Hole"; "Zombie" (all from his Carry On The Grudge album) and "Jenny Can Rely On Me" are all amazing. Listen to Jamie T via Spotify - here.

Twenty One Pilots;
An alternative electronic duo creating tracks compelled with relateable lyrics and original sounds..Every Twenty One Pilots song varies, and I love every one I've heard. My favourites are: "The Judge"; "Car Radio"; "Fake You Out"; "Stressed Out" and "Ride".

Where to start? French band M83's soft lyrics over louder instruments and emotional, moving sound really set the band apart from others. The style is so comforting. My favourite tracks being: "Wait" (the music video for Wait is also worth watching..so damn moving) and "Midnight City".

EXTRAS: "Fuel To The Fire" - Rationale, "Wild" - Royal Teeth, "Faint" - Linkin Park, "VCR" - The xx, "Strong" - London Grammer, "Do You Realize??" - The Flaming Lips, "Welcome Home, Son" - Radical Face, "Miracle (Human Error)" - Sivu.

Hope you like some of my favourites..what's your taste in music? I'd love to know in the comments below.


Book Wishlist [May 2015]

Once again I apologise for the inactivity here on Rachel Jayne, I don't know where the time has gone and i've been under a lot of stresses recently with not a lot of time for blogging..anyway let's put my excuses aside and focus on my book wishlist.

Reading is something i've really began to enjoy in the past couple of years, probably steaming from my love for The Hunger Games trilogy! So it's not suprising to say that my never-ending list for new books has continued to grow and grow. (These books are taken from my "Goodreads" online wishlist bookshelf".)

     Top of my list, for sure, is "Shutter Island", which i've been desperate to get my hands on after watching the film version (just to let you know the film itself was incredible, and so damn clever). Shutter Island follows the story of Teddy Daniels, a US Marshall, investigating the dissappearance of a prisoner patient at the Ashecliffe Hospital for the crimanally insane. Although, the Island isn't all that it seems, and retuning to the mainland is a near impossible task as Teddy progressively discovers. The film, featuring Mr DiCaprio *heart-eye-emoji*, was recommended to me by a few friends - and the storyline could not be more emmersing..i'll have to hope the book catches my attention just as much. 

     I've seen the film trailer for Child 44 and it definitely intrigued me..I think the film/book would have a whole lot of information and context backstory to it, so i'd probably say that I think the book will be better. Nevertheless, Child 44 compells the story of Leo Demindov investigating the murders in a country in which "crime" is supposedly non-exsistant.

     Described as "the Fault in Our Stars meets Eleanor and Park in this exhilarating and heart-wrenching love story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die.", All The Bright Places seems like a fairly relateable, young adult novel and is probably one that would need lots of tissues, period. 

     "This hauntingly vivid story illustrates the human spirit’s indomitable search for home, and one girl’s struggle to survive.", as described on Goodreads, explores the ideas of survival outside of home; running away and faces the consequences of being alone with no one to trust. And then what happens when trust is put into the wrong person's hold. Seems very interesting--and a dissimilar novel theme to what i'd usually compulsed to buy.

Maybe you've seen a book above that you like the sound of? I'd love to know if you've read any of the books i've mentioned. Leave a comment below if you'd like, and leave you're wishlist too!


Lovin' Lush #5 // Forever Repurchasing

To clarify: I mean 'repurchasing forever' as in 'I'll always love you', rather than 'you're a product that runs out way too quick, I'm forever running to the shops to buy you'. Just sayin'. Anyway, yes, I use these two wonder products so often I don't know what I'd do (or my skin would do, for that matter) without them..

The Fresh Farmacy (£4.95/100g) soap is what I always reach for. In fact, I don't think I've gone down a different path for my (morning) facial cleanser in months. Months. I use Fresh Farmacy religiously; my face won't feel clean without it. Despite the fact I don't notice my love when I lather the product, I definitely know my skin is crying for it when I'm left with only half a 5p piece to scrape by on.. Must repurchase immediately. Always. 

Instead of incorporating Cosmetic Warrior (£6.50) into my everyday routine (it would be too harsh daily for my skin), I'd use this 1 or 2 times a week to thoroughly cleanse my face. Looking at the size of the pot, 75g, you might be thinking "you'll only get one or two uses out of that!", but, I find that I get at least 4, 5 or even 6 uses before the date expires (due to the fresh ingredients) or until I've raked every single little scoop I can. Cosmetic Warrior is a staple face mask for myself: I think it's always nice to have a face mask on stand-by for when pampering is initiated..and so, this is also always on my list when I pop into Lush (or I whenever I can persuade my Mum to pick one up for me..).

Do you have any Lush holy-grail products? I'd love to know in the comments!
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A Quote To Live By [No.5]

Today I am going to be reflecting on how important it is to have the faith that things will improve. This quote, in my opinion, is suggesting that even after the worst day possible, you will always be able to "rise" again, and shine once more. If you're having a bad day, have the hope that possibly tomorrow, or the day after that, or maybe in two weeks time, you'll feel better, because you can always wake up with a different perspective.

No matter how tough things may be have faith that there's always tomorrow.

What's your opinion on this quote? Feel free to share them below in the comments!
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