Current Music Favourites // 01

Jamie T;
Play me anything by Jamie T and I'm sure that you'll have my admiration forever. I lovvee Jamie T's original, rough sounding voice and style of music so damn much. Particularly the songs: "Limits Lie"; "Turn On The Light"; "Rabbit Hole"; "Zombie" (all from his Carry On The Grudge album) and "Jenny Can Rely On Me" are all amazing. Listen to Jamie T via Spotify - here.

Twenty One Pilots;
An alternative electronic duo creating tracks compelled with relateable lyrics and original sounds..Every Twenty One Pilots song varies, and I love every one I've heard. My favourites are: "The Judge"; "Car Radio"; "Fake You Out"; "Stressed Out" and "Ride".

Where to start? French band M83's soft lyrics over louder instruments and emotional, moving sound really set the band apart from others. The style is so comforting. My favourite tracks being: "Wait" (the music video for Wait is also worth watching..so damn moving) and "Midnight City".

EXTRAS: "Fuel To The Fire" - Rationale, "Wild" - Royal Teeth, "Faint" - Linkin Park, "VCR" - The xx, "Strong" - London Grammer, "Do You Realize??" - The Flaming Lips, "Welcome Home, Son" - Radical Face, "Miracle (Human Error)" - Sivu.

Hope you like some of my favourites..what's your taste in music? I'd love to know in the comments below.