A Perfect Gift

A gift for any occasion, but particularly: Birthdays. (Which, by the way, it's my Birthday today!) Ironically, I did received my Pandora Ring for Christmas, not today.. Nonetheless, I thought the idea was a fabulous one. Pandora rings, expensive yes they are, will be truly appreciated. I know for one how special and (perhaps) personal a ring is. I wear my ring all-the-time, and it won't ever oxidise (turn all funky and green..), or at least for a long, long time it won't.

The ring I chose, yes, I chose mine - but it had to be right (right?) - has a beautiful delicate leaf crown design. My ring, worn on my thumb, sits perfectly and feels so nice to wear. It genuinely feels special - even though I know someone else could have the same.

So, if you are stuck for Birthday (Anniversary, Mother's Day, etc) ideas why not consider a ring? Pop into the store (with the lucky receiver) and try on a few: you can always say no.


  1. hey love your blog and i have the grey birthstone pandora ring and i wear it literally every day! was wondering if you would like to f4f, just let me know over on my blog heleenakhela.blogspot.co.uk xxx :)

  2. Thankyou! Yes, Pandora rings really are lovely! I've took a look at your blog too:-)