The Book Review #1 // Divergent

Yes, I'm pretty sure that all book-worms know this book already exists, but.. this post is here to tempt the minority of people who just haven't yet found a book they love. (Hopefully, if this is you, then after you've read my post then you'll be rushing out to the bookstore right away!!) Enough about the introduction, lets get down to the book.

Divergent (book 1 of 3) is a dystopian novel set in Chicargo (in the future), through the perspective of Beatrice Prior (also known as Tris). Tris unravels truths, faces difficult problems and en thrills on a complicated relationship with her instructor Four (SPOILER: later revealed as Tobias Eaton). In Divergent we follow Tris in their controlled world in which there are 5 completely different factions (based on human virtues): Candor (honesty); Erudite (intelligence); Amity (kindness & peace); Dauntless (bravery) and Abnegation, Tris's original faction (which abides in selflessness).

Tris, and all other sixteen year olds, must go through with the aptitude test. The aptitude test gives the young adults choices which will determine their faction (despite, they still have their own decision).Although, Tris is warned she is ''Divergent'' because she received 3 possible factions due to her test: Dauntless, Abnegation and Erudite... What does she choose and what do her choices mean for her? People who are Divergent are both feared and threatened, and some particular people would rather just wipe them out. Will Tris and her partner Tobias understand what this means and survive? You'll just have to read the book..

You can order Divergent via Waterstones - here, or via Amazon - here. And if you do pick up a copy I'd love to know what you think.


Lovin' Lush #3 REVIEW // LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask

Do you ever find yourself repurchasing one particular product over and over? Because it just works so well for you, well this is my product, which I guess I'd call a staple and ''holy grail''. Whenever I run out of it I just don't know what to do except for thinking - RUN TO LUSH NOW. I really am that desperate for this face mask.

The fresh garlic LUSH use in this face mask is key, because of the antiseptic properties. Tea Tree is also included due to it being antibacterial, and green grapes are not only refreshing, but, cooling too.

Minus the wet dog smell - due to garlic, I think - this is a fabulous face mask for spot-prone and oily skin. Got spots? Try this out. Got angered skin? This could be perfect for you. And it's nice to know that the lovely staff at LUSH are always happy to help.

Find the Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask - here.
To view my other Lush posts in the Lovin' Lush series click - here.


The Film Review #1

(Hopefully), every week from now on I shall be reviewing movies for you, because films are somethings that I just love to watch and submerge myself into for 2 hours. First up is two films, I'm sure you have heard of, (part of a trilogy) that you need to watch...

That's right, I said it, you must watch these films; The Hunger Games, as well as Catching Fire. A few weeks ago my Dad and myself sat down to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (re-re-re...watch for myself). This was the 1st time my Dad had seen the film (and he hasn't read the books so he had high expectations I had set), afterwards he was speechless, we both were.

The Hunger Game is based around Katniss Everdeen, in a dystopian world in which there are annual televised fights to death, The Hunger Games. 1 male and 1 female tribute is chosen from each of the 12 districts (areas numbered by living standard/wealth, 12 being the lowest). Prior to the games, the tributes take part in various shows to gain publicity from the fans in the capitol (where the most wealthy people live and rule). 

The second film, Catching Fire, shows Katniss what happens if you make a fool of the capitol and the President, Snow. Katniss discovers that she must rebel against the capitol in any way, otherwise she will get off worse for her actions.

I believe this film is like no other, we (well, mainly I) had tears of both happiness and sadness throughout. I feel like there are no words to do this trilogy justice, nevertheless, I highly recommend that you watch these movies. 

P.S The third instalment is released in November, so you have plenty of time (to watch it and weep..) before the next. Why are you still reading this?! Go on!


Massive Haul // Spain Holiday Purchases

On my trip to Spain with my family, I finally got to walk the walk of the red carpeted glory that is: Sephora. For whose of you who don't know, Sephora is an international chain-store of both high-end and more affordable beauty and skincare products. Sephora have their own-brand products too, which include a variety of good quality, dreamy, soft brushes.

This is going to be a pretty hefty post, so go grab a drink and sit comfortably...


The first product I looked for (and had on my list..) was the Formula X Nail Polish - link. Which was a purchase influenced by Estee (essiebutton), because she raves and raves and raves about how good the formula and range of colours are, and so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I picked up the shade ''Riotous" which is described on the Sephora website as a ''dark magenta'', it reminds me of some funky berries... in the best way.

Next is a groovy product I picked up (once I noticed it was only 4 euros..), which is the Outrageous Volume Sephora Mascara - link, in a electric blue shade. It's such an eye-catching product, especially the packaging, which has an almost quilted look. A couple of brushes I picked up I had previously spied on line and knew to look out for them. From other beauty bloggers, I knew that Sephora brushes have a good rep and so I definitely wanted to get my hands on some (despite the fact that I didn't really need any more..) - link. More information on those in seperate posts, ooooh.. I know. (Read about the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush here.)

Finally the Sephora 10ml Perfume spray, which is the perfect size for fitting in any bag or purse, found it's way into my basket after a couple of spritz from the samplers. Oh and it's in Blueberry scent - my favourite fruit! (No link on the website, but there is a big display in store).


From Wet'n'Wild, a international brand that I found stocked in "Primor", I bought one of their small Eye Shadow trios that I had heard about previously - first impressions are that they nice soft, buttery shadows with decent colour payoff. Here's a link to my full review on the Wet'n'Wild "Silent Treatment" Trio.


In Kiko I bought 4 products, two of which are their nail polishes (Both are deep, dark colours). Find them here - link. Another product that definitely caught my eye was the Glamorous Eye Pencil (not on the website) in the shade 404, which is deep purple-y and metalic - great for Autumn and Winter. Anddddd.. last but not least, I bought the Kiko Colour Shock Cream Eye Shadow (which is part of their Summer collection) in the colour 102 Burgundy. Truth be told this is certainly a shimmery eye shadow - one to apply with a lighter hand - but is definitely something I know I'll get a lot of use out of. Link - here.

And now my fingers are aching from typing this massive post... Hope you enjoyed this, as a lot of my time went into it, taking the photos and everything! If you did, I'd appreciate it if you would follow my BlogLovin' - either in the side-bar or by using this link, thankyou!


Raspberry Shower Gel?

Uh-huh. This might be the nicest smelling shower gel ever. I mean, if they discontinue this, then I will cry.. for days (slight exaggeration..). I don't think that I can explain what the scent actually is, so I simply urge you to take a wiff of it in store, or go grab a raspberry!

This shower gel working fabulously in the shower; the smell lingers, it doesn't just fade. And you'll probably end up being raspberry scented throughout the whole day. Find my fave shower gel via The Body Shop here - link.


Lovin' Lush #2 | HAUL

I do love LUSH; the surroundings, the smells and the staff (the 3 s's). The atmosphere and friendly vibes are always enticing to enter the store and once I'm in well, I'm in and there's no stopping. Recently, I visited the store in Edinburgh; which actually has a view of the castle from its doors! My Sister also picked me up a couple of bits from the more local LUSH store: another Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask and the Space Girl bath bomb. (Oh, and LUSH's website is great - easy to use and so imformative - so i'll link the products too).

Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask (full post soon) - link.
Ooooh - this is possibly my favourite LUSH product, I just feel like it's so worth while and helps my skin alot. It contains garlic.. which might be offputting because it does smell like wet dog (although I don't find it too bad really..) but if you can think past that then you'll reap the benefits.

Space Girl Bath Bomb - link.
"Feel out of this world". I've had this once before, and, it smells gorgeous (as do all LUSH bath products!) like Parma Violets. My Sister bought this one for me because she knows me to well and must know that I lovveee Parma Violets. And if you listen carefully (to your bath water..?) you might hear the popping candy!

Something new for me is the Happy Hippy shower gel which smells so fresh; like sweet limes and lemons. I think this will definitely be refreshing in the shower once I use it, and I think i'll probably buy it again sometime. Link - here.

Another repurchase is the "Honey I Washed The Kids" (cleverr name) soap. I lovveee the smell of this; it's like everything sweet and luxurious mixed into one. Obviously, one of the key scents is honey and the top of the bar is coated in "caramel" (I wouldn't eat it though..)! This makes great lather and, in my opinion softens my hands too - I definitely recommend this one. Link - here.

A Waterproof Mascara That Actually Is Waterproof

Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Have you ever had the disappointment when you discover that a mascara you just bought claiming to be "waterproof" really isn't? I had high hopes for the Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara, again, "waterproof", so I was, yet again, intrigued to find out if this mascara would phase any differently...

1 hour after application.. no budging. 3 hours after.. no smudging. Many more hours afterwards.. still nothing. Finally *hallelujah* a mascara that lives up to its name. The only (minor-ish) problem is: removing it... Haha! Anyone got any recommendations, so that I don't have to scrub at my lashes for any longer? Thanks in advance!


REVIEW // "Silent Treatment"

 The name describes this Eye Shadow Trio by Wet'n'Wild perfectly, simply because the colours are completely so sophisticated and underrated. The three shades are a mauve-y purple (shimmer), a matte almost black and a champagne-y highlight (wow, fabulous description Rachel..). Wet'n'Wild cleverly label (on the reverse of the palette) where each shade has been intended to be used, for example: the darker brown can be applied in the crease for definition, etc, etc. This is useful for "Makeup First-timers" or just as a reminder, and of course you don't have to play by their rules...

I picked this up whilst on Holiday (check out my full haul once I upload it) and I have used it many times since, it's just such a timeless collection of colours, and I'm sure I'll have it handy to use for a while longer. Oh and at under a £5 there's no excuse for me not to try other shades in the range! (But they don't stock in the UK, yeah..).


The Sephora Brush

Before I post my entire Holiday Makeup Haul (which will be soon..) I just had to put the spotlight onto one of my favourite purchases. Sephora is a well known branch of Makeup Stores primarily found in the US and Europe. Sephora make some damn good brushes as well - two of which I had to pick up (on separate occasions..), but for today, I will be focusing on the ''Mineral Powder Brush''.

This brush is so silky and soft, it's the kind of brush that you just can't help but run along your hand for minutes straight. The brush is densely packed so it will, with ease, pick up pigmentation from even the weakest of powders. Furthermore, the circular brush head would be fab for swirling in products to achieve the most natural finish. It seems like such a versatile brush that can handle almost every product, I mean - if you can name it, this brush will cover you.

At around 18 euros / £14.00 (ish), I'd definitely recommend taking a look at the Mineral Powder Brush on line or - if you are lucky enough to live by a Sephora - in store.. Link - here.