Lovin' Lush #4 // Face Mask Wishlist

The facemasks in Lush are probably some of the best blend i've tried. There is nothing better than treating yourself with a pamper evening, and knowing both the ingredients and brand ideals are fantastic too. Lush use organic ingrients (whenever they can) and support against testing on animals. Here are a few facemasks I'd like to share (I need to pick them up on my next trip in-store)...

Catastrophe Cosmetic // Calming, soothing and thouroughly cleansing. Sounds good? I know. Lush include blueberries (one of my favourite fruits btw..) due to them being rich in minerals and vitamins, which means they are a beneficial property to protect the skin.

Love Lettuce // Brightening - one of the many results from this facemask. French Lavender calms and restores oils and the honey both moisturizes and soothes. ''Love Lettuce'' effectively exfoliates along with the Agar Agar Gel which is a key factor to reveal new, freshed skin.

BB Seaweed // Lastly, a facemask to properly cleanse the skin. Rosemary regenerates, kaolin removes exsis oil and millet fales gently exfoliate. This facemask is probably the ''all-rounder''; perfect for troubled skin that just doesn't want to make up its mind.

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Back from my unexpected break in blogging.. School work and everything got on top of this - but I have a new type of post,  ''MY TV PICK OF THE MONTH''. I lovvvve watching a good, immersing TV series so much so, I thought it'd be worth writing about my favourite of the month. First up: Our Girl.

Our Girl follows the story of Molly Dawes, who embarks on joining the British Army after having a hard past and deciding her life isn't getting any better. This year, after the ''pilot'' episode in 2013, Dawes (played by Lacey Turner) is shown getting flown to Camp Bastion, Afghanistan as a medic. In the 4 episodes (over the past month) Molly has proved herself to be a worthy member of the all-male sector. The 5th, final, episode of this series airs tonight at 9pm (BBC1).

I highly, highly recommend this series due to the gripping emotion, action and eye-opening perspective into Army life. Catch up on the rest of the series here at  BBC iPlayer (not available anymore - possibly search on Youtube..?).

UPDATE: I cried so much at the final episode so.. good luck.


That Pink-Purple Nail Polish Hybrid

Is this the perfect ''in-between'' shade? I think so. Riotous by Formula X (Sephora) is a new polish to my collection but it certainly has been loved already!

8 words: Formula X does live up to the hype. Yes, I said it, the consistency, the glossy shine and the colour range are all perfect - so I definitely agree with the praise already given to Formula X. "But Rachel", I hear you say, "What makes this shade any different to polishes half the price?". Well, most brands have few options - it's either: a proper purple purple; a pink or a berry, and I was in need of something inbetween them all...

I think that this particular Formula X polish is especially well designed to be worn all year round. Yeah, all year round. Winter; tick - it's part berry. Summer; tick - it's that muted bright shade. Etc, etc.

If that hasn't proved what an awesome shade this is, then I don't know what will. Find the Formula X Riotous nail varnish - here via Sephora.