My 2015 New Year Resolutions

Firstly, I know this post is late, but.. I wanted to do it anyway! Usually, I'm one of those people who does make resolutions. Despite the fact I don't always keep to them for the entire year; I'd like to think that making goals is the motivation to do so. Therefore, here are my aims for 2015..

1. I want to, ultimately, say yes to more things - predominately, opportunities - to make the most of the year and really feel positive about what I have done that day.

2. For a while now I have been really interested in photography (I therefore love taking the shots for my posts), and so at Christmas I asked for a Nikon DSLR (which I received, have used tonnes since and love), so I would also really appreciate improving my skills and learning new techniques! (I was also thinking of making a series for the last day of every month - summarising some of the photos I have taken?)

3. A common resolution would be: toning your body up and/or losing weight in order to feel better about yourself. I am aiming for something similar this year, although, as I'm naturally thin (which is just as decreasing for self-confidence as being ''overweight'') I'd like to put on more weight and think about what I'm eating to generally feel healthier. I think this effects my thoughts and feelings a whole lot and so I'm aiming to feel more comfortable with my figure.

4. Finally, I want to remind myself that ''I look nice today'' (if I do..) or smile when someone says ''I like this about you..'' rather than disagreeing with them or trying to persuade them they are wrong. Why do I do this? In 2015 I need to try to doubt myself less. Excuse the cliché, but, I need to believe in myself.

What are your resolutions? I would really like to hear them!


  1. Good luck with your resolutions dear, I think they are wonderful! It is such a good thing to give and accept compliments, it can give you a much better feeling about yourself :)

    xo Melane || Pure Perspective

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment (I've also followed your blog - I think it's fabulous!!) :-)