One Hairstyle To Try..

Considering that tomorrow is the 1st of December (advent calenders at the ready!), I thought I would tell you about one hairstyle I have recently been wearing quite a bit ('cause why not change up your hair for the Christmas season?)..

STEP 1 // I'd firstly spray a texturizing mist into my hair (particularly focusing on the front section). Next, grab a ''crocodile'' clip (a clip that, basically, grips the hair..). These can be found in Primark, Topshop, New Look - anywhere, really - and come in a variety of printed designs.

STEP 2 // Take back the front section of your hair in 2 pieces (from your parting down to your ears) and then literally twist it backwards securing it with the clip.

STEP 3 // Tug out any looser parts of your hair, like: fringes, etc to give the style extra texture and volume. Finish with a spritz of hairspray, and you're done!

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REVIEW // Maybelline Colour Tattoo

I know, I know: ''Those have been out for forever...'' ''Why are you reviewing those, they're old..'' Yes, but I feel the need to express my thoughts and opinions on this drugstore gem, especially due to the fact that the Maybelline Colour Tattoos definitely don't break the bank.

Permanent Taupe / A muted grey-toned shade which makes a great base. Worn alone or underneath something complimentary, this cream eyeshadow would look flawless either way.

On and On Bronze / A shimmery, almost copper, brown. Everyone has raved about this - more so when it originally was introduced... Nevertheless, I have been wearing this at every opportunity. The undertones in this cream eyeshadow enhance natural eyes and the shade doesn't fade either.

The formulation is, overall, superb. The product applies evenly and easily (I just use my fingers..) making it a dream to use. As I briefly mentioned: the pigmentation doesn't budge on me - it stays put despite everything during the day. That's what I think the clever feature of this cream is and what allows it to compete against expensive brands. In my opinion, the wear time really is that great.

Find the Maybelline Colour Tattoo via Boots - here.


Winter: Drugstore Berry Lips

Before now I was definitely a person who wouldn't even flutter an eyelash to wearing lipstick; it just wasn't my thing. After attempting to pull off a natural(ish) pink (blue toned) lipstick but then inevitably jumping for a makeup wipe seconds later, I thought: lipsticks just wouldn't work for me. I think it's about knowing your preferences though, you need to know what suits you and what doesn't - that's why I'm dying to show my recent purchases (that are surprisingly wearable..): berry lipsticks.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick (107) 
        Firstly, it's a drugstore kinda guy, so coming in at around £5.00 is not bad at all; the consistency and wear-time is superb so: don't cross this one off just because it doesn't have the MAC labelling. Secondly, I don't actually think this shade is too threatening - yes, I would class it in the berry category - but Rimmel have definitely created a lipstick that will suit just about anyone.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Black Cherry/477)
        Revlon's Black Cherry is most certainly dark. It is a brave shade by no means, although it does swatch considerably lighter to what it appears in stick form... Nevertheless, Black Cherry is the perfect Winter lipstick - one which I believe everyone should have stocked in their collection. At a little over £7.00, this lipstick is not too expensive, especially compared to the ''high-end'' offerings (which cost 2-3x the price). I'm yet to wear this out: I feel like people might think ''halloween was last month, you witch'' (as it is, like I said, pretty dark)... EDIT: I wore Black Cherry out and actually felt fabulous!

Oh, by the way: both Boots and Superdrug have 3for2 on at the moment.. You're welcome.