Save / Splurge: Powders

Personally, I'd always splash out on a foundation / concealer - something to disguise the (many) imperfections I have; but, I do believe there are some products you can save tonnes on. I guess, powders, for example, can achieve simillar finishes? Or can they?

Firstly, let me justify this purchase and briefly mention the packaging - it is beautiful and absolutely stunning. It reminds me of what (I suppose) vintage makeup should and did look like. The casing is durable, compact and practical. I also support the design not to include a ''flippy'' secret compartment for a useless sponge/brush. 

I enjoy using this powder (''foundation'') for bad skin days, or, on days where I still like a bit of something-something to cover and conceal, even if I'm doing nothing. The best part is how seamlessly this blends into my skin. Literally, untraceable.. Yet it still delivers that needed coverage.

Next up, is most definitely a budget, basic powder; although if that's all you need then it would be perfect. Rimmel's Stay Matte is, in my opinion, a no-thrills powder. Yes, it gets the job done, but, is it undetectable? No, is the honest answer. Personally, I think it is too easy for this powder to look ''caked'' on. Maybe this is one to through in your handbag so it wouldn't be too eye-watering if it smashed?

Overall, I would go for the Clinique option - or, at least a mid-range product. I certainly need powder to keep my oils at bay; therefore, powder needs to impress me.

Splurge: 1 Save: 0 


Blogging On A Budget: The Camera

Blogging can potentially become an expensive hobby, but there are ways to swap out pricier options for cheaper alternatives.

Better cameras (usually) produce better quality and overall nicer photos (to look at), although they definitely shouldn't be relied upon to make a great blog. Most the time, if your background is bright, colourful and/or interesting then your photos should look appealing too. Here are a few of tips on how to maximise your cameras potential.

  1. Tripods - If you have a shaky hand or your camera just doesn't like to focus, try using a tri-pod. Tri-pods are a great nifty tool and can potentially be a bargain.
  2. Editing - Experimenting with websites such as Picmonkey (free, free, free) or Fotor, allows you to use features like cropping, re-focusing and brightening. These can come in handy if your (affordable) camera doesn't have exposure (lighting) settings.
  3. Zooming - Don't worry if your camera doesn't have the best zoom, as you can easily position your products/objects closer or further away. Otherwise, try take your shots at different angles, this will create spacing and give the illusion of an overall nicer photo.
Hopefully my little pointers help - particularly for people without the expensive cameras.


Tamed Brows For Under A Fiver?

I have, lets be honest, the most rebellious brows. One minute they're fine and good to go, then the next they all decide to be the most annoying eyebrows can be. In the past, I knew I needed something to keep control of them; something that practically glued them in place - without the glue.. But it wasn't up until I bought the Maybelline Brow Drama that I realised I didn't need to spend a fortune to tame my brows.

Brow Drama comes in at a penny under £5, so it's basically as cheap as chips (and you do actually get 7.6ml of product - pretty impressive). Featuring 3 shades (and a translucent), I think there's plenty of offerings; I have the shade "Dark Brown" which is matches my brows exactly.

What makes this brow mascara so different from all the rest (in my opinion), is the brush. The small, yet perfectly sized applicator makes using this a doddle. Simply comb it through the hairs and voila. You might want to wap out your finger to assure the brows are shaped to your liking, and then you are done.Brow Drama also fills in my brows - to cover the sparser areas, and obviously keeps them in order.

So, if you pick this up next time you're in Boots be sure to tell me your thoughts.


The Film Review #2

Firstly, Leonardo DiCaprio. Sold already? If not then the plot and screenplay will definitely win you over...

My recommendation is Inception; an action/adventure/mystery film, based around Dom Cobbs (Leonardo), a professional thief, self-trained to infiltrate the subconscious mind. Cobbs has the chance to clear his name for murder and return home if he completes ''inception'' - planting an idea into someones subconscious. Cobbs must plant valuable information (with his new team) by going into a forced dream-state (induced by a sedative for the stable dream-in-a-dream-in-a-dream concept). But, there are unknown forces going against them (an important character from Cobbs past), whilst knowing that if they die, they won't awake like usual - they would fall into a state of almost impossible Limbo.

In my opinion, I think this is a very well-directed film that definitely has a fabulous cast and stunning camera footage. The plot is so creative and I lovvve the mysterious ending (no spoilers..), despite the fact I do wish the audience found out the truth. I assume, it's a way to keep us guessing - and talking about the film. 

If you do watch this film then I'd like it if you'd tell me your opinion on the ending (in the comments section), or, give me some good recommendations similar? You can find the IMDb reviews - here.

Bedroom Tips and Furnishing Ideas //

My Room Ideas

I am decorating my large bedroom at the moment - focusing on a Scandinavian, but cosy feel. When I created my Polyvore design board I knew I'd like to share it and some tips with you all...

A couple of pieces I really liked were the Eames Style Wooden Chair (White), which I personally adore. The chair definitely has a modern, minimalistic vibe, but it I'd add a cute cushion (possibly a mustard one?), to brighten it up. This chair would go underneath my makeup ''desk''/table - speaking of, if anyone knows a white Scandinavian style makeup dresser I'd love to know the website (thanks in advance).

Another trend I like is the chevron / monochrome cushions - similar ones here via IKEA. I lovvve cushions, simply because they make the room look complete and cosy (without having to cost the Earth..). 

Recently, I have been loving candles - well, for a while actually. I just find them so, so comforting. Even buying candles for display look lovely and can add touches of colour for just £'s. Yankee Candle obviously do some fabulous scents (but they can be fairly pricey), a budget alternative is Tesco Home Candles (one I picked up recently - here), which stock some pretty candles for half the price. If you light a couple of candles in your bedroom, it will smell inviting in no time...

To fill up your walls in your room buy small postcard sized prints (which you can frame for a couple of pounds). Try looking in Art Gallery's for some creative pieces or even IKEA stock small photos you might like.

Finally, the lighting. To create a perfected atmosphere in your room the lighting is key. B&Q stock a lot of quirky (big or small) lights for standing or on your desk. A couple I particularly like are - here and here

And that is everything. Hope you've enjoyed this different type of post. I'd appreciate it if you'd follow my BlogLovin' here.


Trainers You Will Actually Want To Run In

Puuuuuurple. Usually, I stick to the basics for trainers (particularly for school): white with a touch of pink perhaps? But this Summer whilst choosing my ''Back to School'' stuff, I decided to go all out (and out of my comfort zone for that matter..) and settle with bright purple with the classic Nike tick in silver. Oh and striking blue laces.

I think, if you're going to be outrageous and crazy with the colour selection of your shoes, then why not choose something a bit different?

(Unfortunately, I can't find a link for these as I bought them in-store at outlet prices, meaning they may be discontinued.)


REVIEW & Discount Code // The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

This was possibly the only foundation I wore day-to-day on Holiday, yes, I think so.

Positives: Lightweight, long-lasting (from 10am-9pm in 30 degrees..) and blendable - literally, your fingers would work good enough as a brush (if not better - but I prefer to use brushes so I know they would buff the product in well).

Negatives: I can't seem to notice the difference between this BB Cream with Tea Tree VS one without - which is the most important and biggest selling point.. Also, the coverage is, in my opinion, most definitely not the highest (it's quite light, which is I guess the point of BB Creams, but I like something with a little more to it).

Overall, I'd say this is a fabulous mid-priced base product (£8.00 / $13.00) that couldn't have a creamier texture (it is fab-you-lus). Find the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream here and 40% off across everything with the code: 14672 - you're welcome.