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Hauls are most definitely my favourite type of blog post, whether I read them, write them or simply envy them, I will always enjoy a good scroll through someone's shopping bags! Recently, I took a trip to Boots & Superdrug and I couldn't resit picking up a few bits - especially when Boots have their 3For2 on...

Firstly, in Superdrug I reached for the OLAY Essentials Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin £3.99, I got it at £3.32 (something odd like that) for 1/3 off. After hearing the gorgeous Sammi from BeautyCrush going on and on about this basic moisturiser I knew it would be worth investing in (not like £3 can hurt anyone, ay). I might do a review on this later, early days but I think it's a keeper.

Then I headed to Boots, Advantage Card at my side. The Natural Collection stand always interests me when i'm there but I never seem to feel the urge to buy anything, until today. The blushers intrigued me the most to be honest, as the powder is extremely pigmented (I'll have to have a light hand when applying this one). For only £1.99 it was a bargain, and bought the shade ''Sweet Cheeks''. To go along with my 3For2 I added a couple of very plain and very boring eye shadows to my basket. Hopefully these products will be a good little purchase, great value anyway.

I picked up the Real Techniques Core Collection too in Superdrug (because it was £2 cheaper here than in Boots... a girls gotta save those pennies). They have already found a place on my dresser amongst their friends (what?) are are most definitely a must have so far. Great selection on brushes, great quality, good value, can't go wrong. (Not pictured).

On a little (well fairly big) whim I decided to buy the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush £15.00 (from £24.95). Obviously, the Clarasonic Brushes (similar) will be a whole lot better but they are extremely expensive, I will not buy a brush for over £100... just yet. Only used this one a few times so far, so i'll use it more to get a feel first before I'll review it. Also, I bought a Revlon ColourStay Concealer £6.99 as I wanted to venture out and try a new concealer, and it was my freebie, but it might be a tad too orange... Another packet of the No7 Beautiful Skin Wipes £7.00 were needed. (All not pictured).

A second trip to Boots (1 week later...) and I bought the Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Elusive £7.99, which is a beautiful rosy pink shade. Hopefully, I can pull this off as I never wear lipstick. Lastly, a new mascara Maybelline The Falsies £7.99 which is a repurchase (to read my empties post click here). This was free when my Mum also bought a mascara in their 3For2 deal aswell. (Not pictured).

Hope you've liked my haul, my purse is a little bit lighter... but I know I've wanted some of these products for a while (I'm looking at you Core Collection).

What is/has been on your wishlist for a while? Treat yourself, go on!


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