Pamper Evening & Nail Painting //

We all need a good pamper night from time to time to and for me it would include painting my nails a fresh new colour, treating my skin to a nourishing face mask and relaxing in a hot bath.

I will always reach for a LUSH Bath Bomb or Bubble Bar if I want a pop of colour and bubbles for my bath, tonight I used the Fizzbanger Bath Bomb, which turned my bath water a dreamy blue colour. My skin felt super soft due to Fizzbanger even though I'm not sure this is supposed to happen, I'm not complaining!

Before I enjoyed my bath I put the LUSH Fresh Face Mask Cosmetic Warrior (which is kept in the fridge to keep fresher and this means it’s cooling on the skin too). I adore Cosmetic Warrior, read my Empties post here for more information. Using a Face Mask helps to completely cleanse in a deep, but gentle way that also hydrates your skin. I leave this on for 10-15 minutes (or until I hop out the bath) and wash it off using a flannel, then I'd follow up with the remaining of my night-time skincare routine.

Fileing and clipping my nails is a weekly must-do for myself as my nails grow so fast (like the opposite of snails-pace). Firstly, I’d use a Base Nail Coat, my favourite at the moment is Sally Hansen Double Duty. I feel like this base coat really strengthens and makes a noticable difference to my (usually) fairly weak nails. Nude nails were on the cards for me and so I chose Barry M Gelly in Lychee, which is quite a deep, almost mousse-like creamy nude (what a great description..). This took 2 coats to be opaque, pretty good for under a fiver.

Finally, a bit of moisturising, using LUSH Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion, which is a nice moisturiser that does what it says on the tin.

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