HAUL // May Primark

Recently, my Mum took a trip to Manchester for a couple of days, so this was the perfect oppourtunity to give her a little list with couple of pieces I've wanted for a while, particularly from Primark. 

Firstly, this classy black clutch with a snakeskin type texture covering the back. This clutch is exactly the right size/shape for anytime, not too big, not too small. This bag wasn't on my list but my Mum spotted it anyway. For £6.00 you can't get much cheaper. I think i'll be using this a lot in the all year round, black is black, afterall.  

Next, a pair of bright (almost neon), coral-y pink frilly socks. Not much to say about these, they're cute, they were only £1.50 and they're perfect for this time of the year.

I asked my Mum to find some pretty earings too, and these were brought back for me. 6 pairs of gorgeous, simple black and gold studs. I love them, especially the pentagon shaped ones. Only £1.50 for the entire pack, not bad Primark, not bad.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! My love for these jelly sandals is unreal, they are fabulous. They look great with frilly socks (yes, I know, socks and sandals..) and at a mere £4.00, I think they were a bargain. My Mum bought me some white ''gold-barred'' sandals with buckle fastenings and a back to them so they won't ''flip-flop''. These sandals are £4.00 also, and will get tonnes of wear on holiday I can just tell. Finally, some new white trainers as my old pair were filthy, ripped and needed repurchasing. These white shoes (similar style to "Vans") were £6.00, slightly pricier than most Primark shoes but they're comfy and fit well.

A pair of simple, boring, plain grey shorts (not pictured) were bought too. £4.00 for these isn't bad at all. I wear these a pyjama shorts, to go swimming in and for casual wear.. they are so versatile and needed for Summer.

Lastly, my favourite piece of all, these gorgeous, flattering black, high-waisted style, flow-y lace shorts. Oh wow. Look at the lace detailing and edge of the bottoms, they are lovely. I think these would be amazing in Summer as they are so light and weightless = comfort factor 50. I had these on my list as well, so once I knew my Mum had bought/found them I was so glad and I can't wait to plan outfits for these little ones. £10.00 for these shorts (mine are a size 6, excuse the hanger), I don't think that's an overly expensive price, but knowing Primark, I just hope they'll last me.

So, Primark is definitely the best place to shop to bulk up your collection for a new season.


  1. Those shorts are gorgeous love them!:)


    1. I think they look so pretty, especially with a pair of sandals! Only £10.00 as well :-)

  2. I have a huge love for Primarks frilly socks, I think I own about 5 pairs! And I love the shorts they're gorgeous!x

    1. Yes, same !! Although, they always end up getting lost... excuse for buying more!! :-)