Need moisture? Simple

To the girls who are blessed with hydrated, normal (as in pretty perfect) skin - this post is not for you. On the other hand, if you need that extra oompfhh of moisture then the Simple Kind To Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Cream (what a name!!) might be just what you need.

To be totally honest, if someone told me ''you're going to wake up 5 minutes earlier this morning to add more steps into your skincare routine..", i'd just laugh. Longer time in bed to snooze or a few minutes longer giving your face an extra somthing? Ermm.. it's an easy one *throughs alarm clock out the window*. If you get my point, i'm saying that this is not a necessary part in my routine, but when the weekend comes round, just before moisturising, i'd pop this Simple Cream on and bobs your uncle (please say you've heard of this saying before, and i'm not being stupid..).

The Simple Kind To Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Cream amplifies the moisture in your skin, making it hold extra water and be overall more hydrated. Also, I feel that whenever I use this cream my base makeup looks times more radiant and I think my foundation generally applies a lot nicer. The finish I recieve when I have used this really does appear differently, and I think my skin thanks me for it.

If you need a kick up a notch in the moisture department, then why not try this? Link on Boots.com - here.


  1. I've been looking for a good moisturiser for a while and this one looks perfect! Will definitely pick it up on my next Boots run!


    1. You definitely should, I'm glad I could help then:-)