The Film Review #2

Firstly, Leonardo DiCaprio. Sold already? If not then the plot and screenplay will definitely win you over...

My recommendation is Inception; an action/adventure/mystery film, based around Dom Cobbs (Leonardo), a professional thief, self-trained to infiltrate the subconscious mind. Cobbs has the chance to clear his name for murder and return home if he completes ''inception'' - planting an idea into someones subconscious. Cobbs must plant valuable information (with his new team) by going into a forced dream-state (induced by a sedative for the stable dream-in-a-dream-in-a-dream concept). But, there are unknown forces going against them (an important character from Cobbs past), whilst knowing that if they die, they won't awake like usual - they would fall into a state of almost impossible Limbo.

In my opinion, I think this is a very well-directed film that definitely has a fabulous cast and stunning camera footage. The plot is so creative and I lovvve the mysterious ending (no spoilers..), despite the fact I do wish the audience found out the truth. I assume, it's a way to keep us guessing - and talking about the film. 

If you do watch this film then I'd like it if you'd tell me your opinion on the ending (in the comments section), or, give me some good recommendations similar? You can find the IMDb reviews - here.

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