That Pink-Purple Nail Polish Hybrid

Is this the perfect ''in-between'' shade? I think so. Riotous by Formula X (Sephora) is a new polish to my collection but it certainly has been loved already!

8 words: Formula X does live up to the hype. Yes, I said it, the consistency, the glossy shine and the colour range are all perfect - so I definitely agree with the praise already given to Formula X. "But Rachel", I hear you say, "What makes this shade any different to polishes half the price?". Well, most brands have few options - it's either: a proper purple purple; a pink or a berry, and I was in need of something inbetween them all...

I think that this particular Formula X polish is especially well designed to be worn all year round. Yeah, all year round. Winter; tick - it's part berry. Summer; tick - it's that muted bright shade. Etc, etc.

If that hasn't proved what an awesome shade this is, then I don't know what will. Find the Formula X Riotous nail varnish - here via Sephora.

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