Save / Splurge: Powders

Personally, I'd always splash out on a foundation / concealer - something to disguise the (many) imperfections I have; but, I do believe there are some products you can save tonnes on. I guess, powders, for example, can achieve simillar finishes? Or can they?

Firstly, let me justify this purchase and briefly mention the packaging - it is beautiful and absolutely stunning. It reminds me of what (I suppose) vintage makeup should and did look like. The casing is durable, compact and practical. I also support the design not to include a ''flippy'' secret compartment for a useless sponge/brush. 

I enjoy using this powder (''foundation'') for bad skin days, or, on days where I still like a bit of something-something to cover and conceal, even if I'm doing nothing. The best part is how seamlessly this blends into my skin. Literally, untraceable.. Yet it still delivers that needed coverage.

Next up, is most definitely a budget, basic powder; although if that's all you need then it would be perfect. Rimmel's Stay Matte is, in my opinion, a no-thrills powder. Yes, it gets the job done, but, is it undetectable? No, is the honest answer. Personally, I think it is too easy for this powder to look ''caked'' on. Maybe this is one to through in your handbag so it wouldn't be too eye-watering if it smashed?

Overall, I would go for the Clinique option - or, at least a mid-range product. I certainly need powder to keep my oils at bay; therefore, powder needs to impress me.

Splurge: 1 Save: 0 

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