For the next following days I will be uploading a Christmas themed post counting down the days until the 25th.. So, today I give you ''3 days to go'' - a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer nail tutorial. Enjoy!

You will need:
A berry red nail varnish (Barry M Raspberry)
A light brown nail varnish (Claire's)
A dark (shimmery) brown nail varnish
A dark (shimmery) red nail varnish
A nude nail varnish
A few cocktail sticks/nail art brushes

1. Waiting between paints, apply the berry shade to all nails (apart from your ring finger and middle finger) using 2/3 coats. For the two other nails you will need to use the nude shade - this will probably be more than 3 coats.

2. Using the brown colour, paint half the nail (only on the nude nails) and round the edges: as to create your Reindeer's head. You will also need to add some ears (which can be tricky - so this is where the cocktail sticks come in..). For the antlers you need to use a very thin, small brush and not much of the dark brown nail varnish.

3. Then for the noses!! You'll only need a small red stroke for this (I used a glittery polish but you don't have to). Lastly, dot a white circle (for the eyes) and a small black pupil right in the centre.

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