One of my personal favourite parts about the Winter Season is the weeks leading up to Christmas. I lovvvve dressing up my room Christmas themed and decorating the tree with all things festive. For those reasons I wanted to share some DIY's for this year...

Found in almost every craft store (or outside..), pinecones can make a great addition to a room and create a rustic vibe. To amp up your pinecones add dainty ribbon, bows and/or glitter. Pinecones can be hung on a Christmas tree or thrown into a basket (either would look fab)!

 Dried Oranges
Oranges look great in wreaths, on trees and generally around the house. I think it's due to the bright - and cosy - orange colour. (It really adds to a classic atmosphere). So, you're going to need: 3 oranges; and oven; a sharp knife; icing sugar (you'll find out why soon) and a chopping board.
     You will need to slice the oranges thinly, at around 1cm, to ensure the best results. Afterwards, I squeezed out any extra juices from the oranges with tissue (this reduces the drying time). Next, dust the icing sugar over the slices (this increases the shine on top) and pop in the oven (setting the timer for 1 and a half hours). During this time, you will need to keep an eye on the oven and turn the slices over if needed.
     Once cooled, with a cocktail stick poke holes in the orange slices, and then thread with pretty ribbon. Lastly, I used a glue gun (from HobbyCraft) to neatly finish the decoration and secure the ribbon in place.

Bauble Revamp
To ''jazz'' up an older plain bauble start by cutting away the ribbon that was previously tied around the decoration. Then, re-thread with thicker ribbon and tie in a bow.

For the leftover decorations..
Due to the fact these decorations could quite possibly fill a mansion, you will be quite likely to have extras.. To take advantage of this, I took the remaining decorations, emptied a used candle jar and then tied (my fave) red/white striped string around it.

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VOILA. I hope you enjoyed my last-minute Xmas Decs. 
Merry Christmas!

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