Winter: Drugstore Berry Lips

Before now I was definitely a person who wouldn't even flutter an eyelash to wearing lipstick; it just wasn't my thing. After attempting to pull off a natural(ish) pink (blue toned) lipstick but then inevitably jumping for a makeup wipe seconds later, I thought: lipsticks just wouldn't work for me. I think it's about knowing your preferences though, you need to know what suits you and what doesn't - that's why I'm dying to show my recent purchases (that are surprisingly wearable..): berry lipsticks.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick (107) 
        Firstly, it's a drugstore kinda guy, so coming in at around £5.00 is not bad at all; the consistency and wear-time is superb so: don't cross this one off just because it doesn't have the MAC labelling. Secondly, I don't actually think this shade is too threatening - yes, I would class it in the berry category - but Rimmel have definitely created a lipstick that will suit just about anyone.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Black Cherry/477)
        Revlon's Black Cherry is most certainly dark. It is a brave shade by no means, although it does swatch considerably lighter to what it appears in stick form... Nevertheless, Black Cherry is the perfect Winter lipstick - one which I believe everyone should have stocked in their collection. At a little over £7.00, this lipstick is not too expensive, especially compared to the ''high-end'' offerings (which cost 2-3x the price). I'm yet to wear this out: I feel like people might think ''halloween was last month, you witch'' (as it is, like I said, pretty dark)... EDIT: I wore Black Cherry out and actually felt fabulous!

Oh, by the way: both Boots and Superdrug have 3for2 on at the moment.. You're welcome.

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