Blogging On A Budget: The Camera

Blogging can potentially become an expensive hobby, but there are ways to swap out pricier options for cheaper alternatives.

Better cameras (usually) produce better quality and overall nicer photos (to look at), although they definitely shouldn't be relied upon to make a great blog. Most the time, if your background is bright, colourful and/or interesting then your photos should look appealing too. Here are a few of tips on how to maximise your cameras potential.

  1. Tripods - If you have a shaky hand or your camera just doesn't like to focus, try using a tri-pod. Tri-pods are a great nifty tool and can potentially be a bargain.
  2. Editing - Experimenting with websites such as Picmonkey (free, free, free) or Fotor, allows you to use features like cropping, re-focusing and brightening. These can come in handy if your (affordable) camera doesn't have exposure (lighting) settings.
  3. Zooming - Don't worry if your camera doesn't have the best zoom, as you can easily position your products/objects closer or further away. Otherwise, try take your shots at different angles, this will create spacing and give the illusion of an overall nicer photo.
Hopefully my little pointers help - particularly for people without the expensive cameras.

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