Tamed Brows For Under A Fiver?

I have, lets be honest, the most rebellious brows. One minute they're fine and good to go, then the next they all decide to be the most annoying eyebrows can be. In the past, I knew I needed something to keep control of them; something that practically glued them in place - without the glue.. But it wasn't up until I bought the Maybelline Brow Drama that I realised I didn't need to spend a fortune to tame my brows.

Brow Drama comes in at a penny under £5, so it's basically as cheap as chips (and you do actually get 7.6ml of product - pretty impressive). Featuring 3 shades (and a translucent), I think there's plenty of offerings; I have the shade "Dark Brown" which is matches my brows exactly.

What makes this brow mascara so different from all the rest (in my opinion), is the brush. The small, yet perfectly sized applicator makes using this a doddle. Simply comb it through the hairs and voila. You might want to wap out your finger to assure the brows are shaped to your liking, and then you are done.Brow Drama also fills in my brows - to cover the sparser areas, and obviously keeps them in order.

So, if you pick this up next time you're in Boots be sure to tell me your thoughts.

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