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I am decorating my large bedroom at the moment - focusing on a Scandinavian, but cosy feel. When I created my Polyvore design board I knew I'd like to share it and some tips with you all...

A couple of pieces I really liked were the Eames Style Wooden Chair (White), which I personally adore. The chair definitely has a modern, minimalistic vibe, but it I'd add a cute cushion (possibly a mustard one?), to brighten it up. This chair would go underneath my makeup ''desk''/table - speaking of, if anyone knows a white Scandinavian style makeup dresser I'd love to know the website (thanks in advance).

Another trend I like is the chevron / monochrome cushions - similar ones here via IKEA. I lovvve cushions, simply because they make the room look complete and cosy (without having to cost the Earth..). 

Recently, I have been loving candles - well, for a while actually. I just find them so, so comforting. Even buying candles for display look lovely and can add touches of colour for just £'s. Yankee Candle obviously do some fabulous scents (but they can be fairly pricey), a budget alternative is Tesco Home Candles (one I picked up recently - here), which stock some pretty candles for half the price. If you light a couple of candles in your bedroom, it will smell inviting in no time...

To fill up your walls in your room buy small postcard sized prints (which you can frame for a couple of pounds). Try looking in Art Gallery's for some creative pieces or even IKEA stock small photos you might like.

Finally, the lighting. To create a perfected atmosphere in your room the lighting is key. B&Q stock a lot of quirky (big or small) lights for standing or on your desk. A couple I particularly like are - here and here

And that is everything. Hope you've enjoyed this different type of post. I'd appreciate it if you'd follow my BlogLovin' here.

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