Hydrating Lip Combo

Usually, I have dry, very chipped & cracked lips but this super combination of products returns them to tip-top condition and leaves hydrated smoothness instead. It's hard to describe the textures of these lip wonders, but i'll try my best...

LUSH, LUSH, LUSH. Where do I begin? Well, firstly, I bet you're looking at this Popcorn (yes, that buttery, yummy scent) lip scrub like ''I can make that with two spoonfuls of sugar and a bit of olive oil''. But no, this is so much more. The taste is to DIE for - sweet but salty. The product is made up with very natural ingredients (save enough to eat anyways) that make my lips soft, soft, soft. It exfoliates the skin too, buffing away the ''dead'' (ew) cells on the lips without being overly harsh. Purchase here - from their website.

EOS you've won me over, I didn't know much about this brand until my friend brought me one back from her holidays last Summer. This clever, sweetly packaged lip balm is like no other and hasn't left my side once. I think it's the tingling sensation once applied that pushes it from an okay-use-it-once kinda balm to a YOU'RE-STAYING-WITH-ME-NOW product. I have the ''mint'' flavour, which sure is minty. The taste/scent does linger awhile once on the lips and top-ups are only needed after 2/3 hours. I definitely recommend the trying EOS lip balm range, but buy in America/online as prices are significantly cheaper vs. the hard-to-reach stock in the UK. Purchase here - from Selfridges.

Do you have any combination of lip products you love to use? Or lip balms you always reach for in your handbag? I'd love to know, so leave me a comment below:-)


  1. I think you can buy EOS lipbalms from cult beauty now. Also, you can find a similar product in dear 'ol Boots, it's called Balmi and is around a fiver. I have the raspberry one and I love it! I also love the body shop lip butters, especially the shea one, soo nourishing. I got my bestie hooked on them :). I could go on and on :)

    1. I never knew they were available from Cult Beauty, thanks for that! Yes I've seen the Balmi before - but didn't expect much compared to the EOS.. The Body Shop Lip Butters always intrigue me too, they offer so many different flavours, I think you've persuaded me to buy one! Thanks for the recommendation :-)