Day Zero Challenge // 101 Things in 1001 Days

I thought this was a really motivational idea (based on this website: here), in which you set yourself 101 achievements/tasks to complete in 1001 days (estimated 2.75 years). I'm setting myself a mixture of personal, blogging, lifestyle, health and beauty goals. Some things I set may be small, others will be larger. (Although, obviously I can't write ''fly around the world'' as I'm 15 and who even has that kind of money?) I originally read this post, by Adele, which gave me the inspiration. So, here we go..

Saturday 7th February 2015 
Saturday 4th November 2017

Last updated:
Thursday 28th May 2015, then Saturday 26th November 2016

Incomplete / Complete / In progress

1. Feel better about myself.
2. Reach a healthier weight (put on 1/2 stone).
3. Complete my art scrapbook.
4. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy.
5. Write a CV. [Kinda terrible and last minute..still counts though..]
6. Get a part-time job.
7. Get a part-time job at Lush (particular, I know).
8. Join a fitness group/club. [Joined the gym.]
9. Get my Driver's Licence 
10. Make new friends (lol right).
11. Buy/own a car.
12. Have a pet.

13. Complete my photography scrapbook.
14. Go to a photography club.
15. Go on a photography course. [Film course].
16. Learn about all the features of my Nikon D3200 DSLR.
17. Buy 3 new camera lenses.
18. Make a short film/documentary.
19. Take 10 selfies with friends.

//Beauty and makeup
20. Buy atleast 3 big expensive beauty products (£35+).
21. Buy atleast 5 expensive beauty products (£20+).
22. Find the perfect contour shade.
23. Buy an expensive makeup brush (£25+).
24. Buy and try a new foundation (I never stray from makeup I like).
25. Get acrylic/shellac nails.
26. Go to a spa.
27. Get a new hairstyle.
28. Go on a spending ban for 1 month.
29. Wash my face properly every night for 3 weeks (I'm so lazy with this..).

30. Go to a concert.
31. Buy tickets for a concert.
32. Buy 3 new albums.
33. Buy an Imagine Dragons t-shirt.
34. Buy a record player.
35. Buy records.
36. Buy a new speaker for my phone/iPod.
37. Make online friends who like the same music as me.

//Social Networking
38. Reach 500 blog Twitter followers (follow - here).
39. Reach 500 blog Instagram followers (follow - here).
40. Reach 300 Pinterest followers (follow - here).
41. Tweet 10,000 times.
42. Post 500 Instagram pictures.

43. Reach 1000 BlogLovin' followers (follow - here).
44. Reach 2000 BlogLovin' followers.
45. Reach 20,000 total blog page views.
46. Achieve 500 page views in one day.
47. Upload atleast 4 posts a week, for atleast 1 year.
48. Get my own Business Cards (?).
49. Design my own logo.

50. Visit family.
51. Go to London.
52. Go on a holiday to Florida.
53. Go to Glasgow..again.

//Film & Books
54. Watch atleast 50 DVDS (1/50).
#1 The Matrix
55. Go to the cinema 25 times (6/25).

56. Watch Age Of Ultron (April 2015) when it's released. [SO GOOD.]
57. Watch Mockingjay Part 2 (November 2015) when it's released.
58. Read 200 books (1/200).
59. Finish a book with atleast 600 pages.
60. Watch a film at an outdoor cinema.

//Bedroom & Interior
61. Put up a shelf for books and DVD's. 
62. Get a dressing table for makeup, etc.
63. Organise makeup in the dressing table.
64. Put up a small collection of photos on the wall.
65. Paint a canvas for my room.
67. Buy atleast 3 new posters for my room (1/3).
68. Buy an unusual piece of furniture/decoration.
69. Don't buy a new candle for atleast one month.

//Health & Fitness
70. Go for a run 4 times a week, for atleast 2 weeks. 
71. Do atleast 15 press-ups/sit-ups every night for 1 month (record it).
72. Don't drink anything fizzy at all for 1 month (I cannot resist a can of Coke..).
73. Try yoga.
74. Go on a long bike ride.
75. Cut out sweets (not including chocolate, of course) for 3 weeks.

//Everything Else
76. Bake macaroons (my Sister and me have wanted to make them forever).
77. Write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of 1001 days.
78. Go to a comedy gig.
79. Get a tattoo.
80. Don't go on any social networking sites at all for 3 days (minus posting blog posts).
81. Keep a diary for an entire year. (Failed 2015).
82. Fill a scrapbook with my favourite recipes.
83. Make an OOTD blog post - and publish it.
84. Strive out of my comfort zone.
85. Wear something daring that I wouldn't usually go for.
86. Take part in the Race For Life.
87. Drink 8 glasses of water (on average 1.6 litres) per day for 1 week.
88. Re-upholster something.
89. Re-vamp something (make it better).
90. Go and do something/go somewhere I don't think I would like, to try to prove myself wrong.
91. Go ice-skating.
92. Buy a bathroom weighing scale - weigh myself every day for 1 month straight.
93. Buy atleast 3 iPhone cases (for switching it up a bit).
94. Write a letter to someone famous (an actor, or Dan Reynolds *heart-eyes emoji*).
95. Learn new html tricks.
96. Improve my blog in general (relates to the above).
97. Go scuba-diving.
98. Write and/or learn a song for my guitar.
99. See an old friend.
100. Give to charity.

101. Complete 101 goals in 1001 days.

I really, really encourage you to join the Day Zero Challenge, 
write yourself a blog post, and let me know how you get on! Are you joining?

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