BIG HAUL // Jack Wills & Topshop

A haul? Oh yeahh. What can I say? I love a good haul - especially with a few bargains. On Tuesday, my Mum took a trip to the town Durham (actually for passports.. but shopping was on the list too), and wow did my Mum find some great sales, picking up everything i'd have bought (or lusted after) myself.

Taylor Make-Up Pouch (£7 was £14.50) Jack Willshere.
This is the perfect size for fitting just about anything. With the classic print of the stripes with the ''Jack Wills'' colours, I think this is great for throwing in my bag for the day.

Alive Bird Necklace (£6 was £12.50) Jack Willshere.
This is adorable. I love, love, love dainty necklaces and this one is just perfect. It also, features a rose-gold (my favourite) chain.

Radford Nail Varnish Set (£6 was £9.50) & English Velvet Rollerball (£7 was £12.50) Jack Wills - here.
I was after a deep navy blue colour for awhile so this one ticks all the boxes. These two shades are typically the ''Jack Wills'' style, being blue and baby pink.

Rose & White Coloured Frilly Socks (£3.50 // 3 For £8) Topshophere.
Ooooh these frilly socks, I have far to many pairs (that I always seem too lose) of these but I can have more, can't I? These look cute with small boots/trainers or even jelly sandals (I know, socks&sandals).

Poppy Jacquard Treggings (£15, was £28) Topshop here.
Oh my goodness, look at them... Just look at those jeggings (that's jeans + leggings). I'm usually terrible with wearing ''comfort colours'', like; black, white and (oooh) grey... They'd just go with everything, and i'm a girl who likes options. So, whenever I get my hands on something that's neutral and a pattern to it, it's the best of both worlds. Win, win. I personally prefer high-waisted styles, I find that they suit my figure better and they are more comfortable to wear.

Scrunchie (£4), Simple Necklace (£7), Double Ring (£3.50 was £6.50) Topshop - here.
I am all about the accessories at the moment. I love a bunch of rings placed on my hands (blog post coming soon) and I believe that a small (or bold) necklace can add so much to an outfit. Scrunchies have also been a way to ''jazz'' up a plain pony-tail recently, in particular, this new print is one of my favourites.

So, that's my massive haul.. Have you found any sales worth a look recently? I'd love to know!