REVIEW // Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Yes, The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation did disappoint me, greatly. Despite the fact I bought this around 1 year ago, I do occasionally use this (to see if my opinion has changed), although I don't see any difference. In my opinion, this foundation provides zilch (zero..) coverage or at the most very, very sheer. Covering no spots, redness or scarring - which is not what I want/need.

Plus points;
  • A pump - for easier application, as some foundations don't offer one.. (why not Colourstay? Why not? Read my review of the Revlon ColourStay foundation here).
  • It doesn't dry straight away - as in it won't dry before you blend (meaning less streaks).
  • Large-ish shade range (well larger than most brands).
  • Affordable price at £6.99.
And for me, the advantages end there... For some reason this foundation really doesn't work with my skin. Maybe it is due to my combination skin? Hmm not too sure. In my opinion, it just seems to ''disappear'' from my face.. the coverage completely goes and I'm just left with a mess. Thankfully the colour is light enough too, but, once applied there is a significant pink/rosy tint that is visible (to me anyway).

Overall, I unfortunately wouldn't recommend this to a friend. Even though some people love it (it seems), I just can't work with it and I wouldn't repurchase either. That's the end of ranting Rachel.. for now. On another note, do you have any wondrous products that you need to tell me about? I'd love to know!

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