First Impressions // Lightweight Camouflage

It's Summer, so for me, I definitely don't want to cake my face in unneeded makeup.. that is where the No7 Match Made Concealer takes action and front place position for camouflaging pesky spots. The Match Made Concealer has a semi-matte texture and the long-lasting formula keeps unwanted shine at bay for hours.

I've used this for around a week up-to now and I can say for sure, that my shade, Calico (the palest), is a true colour and doesn't oxidize. Although, I'd be careful with the drier areas of your face, so be sure to moisturise thoroughly beforehand as this does tend to cling to those patches we don't want to highlight.

Overall, the packaging is meh, okay.. but plastic white? (The easiest colour to become filthy.. am I right?) But the product does deliver and provides good coverage to help erase my blemishes and redness. I think this is a good'un for no-makeup-makeup days because it looks invisible and natural.

The No7 Match Made Concealer £7.50 is available in 17 shades here - on www.boots.com.

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