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I do love LUSH; the surroundings, the smells and the staff (the 3 s's). The atmosphere and friendly vibes are always enticing to enter the store and once I'm in well, I'm in and there's no stopping. Recently, I visited the store in Edinburgh; which actually has a view of the castle from its doors! My Sister also picked me up a couple of bits from the more local LUSH store: another Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask and the Space Girl bath bomb. (Oh, and LUSH's website is great - easy to use and so imformative - so i'll link the products too).

Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask (full post soon) - link.
Ooooh - this is possibly my favourite LUSH product, I just feel like it's so worth while and helps my skin alot. It contains garlic.. which might be offputting because it does smell like wet dog (although I don't find it too bad really..) but if you can think past that then you'll reap the benefits.

Space Girl Bath Bomb - link.
"Feel out of this world". I've had this once before, and, it smells gorgeous (as do all LUSH bath products!) like Parma Violets. My Sister bought this one for me because she knows me to well and must know that I lovveee Parma Violets. And if you listen carefully (to your bath water..?) you might hear the popping candy!

Something new for me is the Happy Hippy shower gel which smells so fresh; like sweet limes and lemons. I think this will definitely be refreshing in the shower once I use it, and I think i'll probably buy it again sometime. Link - here.

Another repurchase is the "Honey I Washed The Kids" (cleverr name) soap. I lovveee the smell of this; it's like everything sweet and luxurious mixed into one. Obviously, one of the key scents is honey and the top of the bar is coated in "caramel" (I wouldn't eat it though..)! This makes great lather and, in my opinion softens my hands too - I definitely recommend this one. Link - here.

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