Massive Haul // Spain Holiday Purchases

On my trip to Spain with my family, I finally got to walk the walk of the red carpeted glory that is: Sephora. For whose of you who don't know, Sephora is an international chain-store of both high-end and more affordable beauty and skincare products. Sephora have their own-brand products too, which include a variety of good quality, dreamy, soft brushes.

This is going to be a pretty hefty post, so go grab a drink and sit comfortably...


The first product I looked for (and had on my list..) was the Formula X Nail Polish - link. Which was a purchase influenced by Estee (essiebutton), because she raves and raves and raves about how good the formula and range of colours are, and so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I picked up the shade ''Riotous" which is described on the Sephora website as a ''dark magenta'', it reminds me of some funky berries... in the best way.

Next is a groovy product I picked up (once I noticed it was only 4 euros..), which is the Outrageous Volume Sephora Mascara - link, in a electric blue shade. It's such an eye-catching product, especially the packaging, which has an almost quilted look. A couple of brushes I picked up I had previously spied on line and knew to look out for them. From other beauty bloggers, I knew that Sephora brushes have a good rep and so I definitely wanted to get my hands on some (despite the fact that I didn't really need any more..) - link. More information on those in seperate posts, ooooh.. I know. (Read about the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush here.)

Finally the Sephora 10ml Perfume spray, which is the perfect size for fitting in any bag or purse, found it's way into my basket after a couple of spritz from the samplers. Oh and it's in Blueberry scent - my favourite fruit! (No link on the website, but there is a big display in store).


From Wet'n'Wild, a international brand that I found stocked in "Primor", I bought one of their small Eye Shadow trios that I had heard about previously - first impressions are that they nice soft, buttery shadows with decent colour payoff. Here's a link to my full review on the Wet'n'Wild "Silent Treatment" Trio.


In Kiko I bought 4 products, two of which are their nail polishes (Both are deep, dark colours). Find them here - link. Another product that definitely caught my eye was the Glamorous Eye Pencil (not on the website) in the shade 404, which is deep purple-y and metalic - great for Autumn and Winter. Anddddd.. last but not least, I bought the Kiko Colour Shock Cream Eye Shadow (which is part of their Summer collection) in the colour 102 Burgundy. Truth be told this is certainly a shimmery eye shadow - one to apply with a lighter hand - but is definitely something I know I'll get a lot of use out of. Link - here.

And now my fingers are aching from typing this massive post... Hope you enjoyed this, as a lot of my time went into it, taking the photos and everything! If you did, I'd appreciate it if you would follow my BlogLovin' - either in the side-bar or by using this link, thankyou!

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