The Film Review #1

(Hopefully), every week from now on I shall be reviewing movies for you, because films are somethings that I just love to watch and submerge myself into for 2 hours. First up is two films, I'm sure you have heard of, (part of a trilogy) that you need to watch...

That's right, I said it, you must watch these films; The Hunger Games, as well as Catching Fire. A few weeks ago my Dad and myself sat down to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (re-re-re...watch for myself). This was the 1st time my Dad had seen the film (and he hasn't read the books so he had high expectations I had set), afterwards he was speechless, we both were.

The Hunger Game is based around Katniss Everdeen, in a dystopian world in which there are annual televised fights to death, The Hunger Games. 1 male and 1 female tribute is chosen from each of the 12 districts (areas numbered by living standard/wealth, 12 being the lowest). Prior to the games, the tributes take part in various shows to gain publicity from the fans in the capitol (where the most wealthy people live and rule). 

The second film, Catching Fire, shows Katniss what happens if you make a fool of the capitol and the President, Snow. Katniss discovers that she must rebel against the capitol in any way, otherwise she will get off worse for her actions.

I believe this film is like no other, we (well, mainly I) had tears of both happiness and sadness throughout. I feel like there are no words to do this trilogy justice, nevertheless, I highly recommend that you watch these movies. 

P.S The third instalment is released in November, so you have plenty of time (to watch it and weep..) before the next. Why are you still reading this?! Go on!

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