The Book Review #1 // Divergent

Yes, I'm pretty sure that all book-worms know this book already exists, but.. this post is here to tempt the minority of people who just haven't yet found a book they love. (Hopefully, if this is you, then after you've read my post then you'll be rushing out to the bookstore right away!!) Enough about the introduction, lets get down to the book.

Divergent (book 1 of 3) is a dystopian novel set in Chicargo (in the future), through the perspective of Beatrice Prior (also known as Tris). Tris unravels truths, faces difficult problems and en thrills on a complicated relationship with her instructor Four (SPOILER: later revealed as Tobias Eaton). In Divergent we follow Tris in their controlled world in which there are 5 completely different factions (based on human virtues): Candor (honesty); Erudite (intelligence); Amity (kindness & peace); Dauntless (bravery) and Abnegation, Tris's original faction (which abides in selflessness).

Tris, and all other sixteen year olds, must go through with the aptitude test. The aptitude test gives the young adults choices which will determine their faction (despite, they still have their own decision).Although, Tris is warned she is ''Divergent'' because she received 3 possible factions due to her test: Dauntless, Abnegation and Erudite... What does she choose and what do her choices mean for her? People who are Divergent are both feared and threatened, and some particular people would rather just wipe them out. Will Tris and her partner Tobias understand what this means and survive? You'll just have to read the book..

You can order Divergent via Waterstones - here, or via Amazon - here. And if you do pick up a copy I'd love to know what you think.

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