Benefit Roller Lash: First Impressions

As many of you will know, this months ELLE magazine features a sample size of the upcoming Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - which curls, lengthens and thickens lashes. Intrigued? Of course.

After using Roller Lash yesterday for the first time I can confirm I let out an amazed 'wow!' once I had applied just one coat. The results, in my opinion, were amazing and really transformed my eyelashes. Roller Lash makes use of a medium sized, fairly thin brush with individual bristles to ensure all the lashes are coated. Firstly I used my eyelash curlers to prepare my lashes, and then took a swipe with the mascara. (The wand was perfectly sized for me - and I didn't make a mess of my eyeshadow either!)

I did my makeup at around 1 o'clock yesterday (I took me forever to me motivated to get ready..), and then removed it at around 9.30 o'clock. I'll tell you now: Roller Lash did not smudge (on myself) at all. And I have oily eyelids, but no - no smudging what-so-ever. If that isn't a sign of a winning mascara then I don't know what is!

Easy, easy, easy! Honestly, I thought I might have a struggle to remove every last trace of the Roller Lash (considering Benefit's They're Real is reviewed as a nightmare to take off).. Although, yet again, I was proven completely wrong, because a few swipes with a cotton pad and liquid (or a face wipe for the lazy people..me..) took away all the mascara ever to flutter on my lashes.

Was I overall impressed? You bet. So will I buy the full version when Roller Lash is released? Well, the £19.50 price tag certainly is off-putting, but this could be my dream mascara - I think so.


  1. Oh it sounds pretty lovely, I really need to try this out x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'