I'm putting this out there, firstly, as one of my favourite colours; so expect high praise for Barry M's Raspberry as it really hit's the nail on the head as a ''deep berry'' (even though my pictures don't do it justice!).

This week I had ''Raspberry'' on my nails, despite the fact they chipped overnight (I know - overnight!), I do love this shade and pretty much wear it all year round. (Why should berries only be allowed in Autumn/Winter? The shade still exists in Summer!) I'd describe this shade a being inbetween a deep red and on the verge of plum. Potentailly, this nail varnish owns the title of "my favourite/most loved ever".. And that means it must be pretty good.

Find the Barry M Raspberry Nail Varnish (£2.99) here.


  1. I love barry m polishes and this colour looks gorgeous so I shall be looking out for it! xx

    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. I should paint my nails with it more often, it's a shame the wear-time isn't longer! X

  3. I want to try out barry m nail polishes, especially their gel line; I've heard nothing but good things.


  4. Yes, you should do! Thier gel line is slightly easier to apply and leaves a much nicer finish than the normal version.

  5. I have around 70 different Barry M's but I seem to have missed this one. It's on my list ;) Have you tried Mavala Mavadry? It'll stop them chipping (mine used to chip overnight but last 2 weeks+ with Mavadry) and gives them a really glossy professional finish! Here's a review on my blog if you're interested:


    It's the best nail product I've ever bought, and lasts ages!!!