A Moisturising Match Made in Heaven

Firstly: you had to like my alliteration in the title, right? Winter is always the time of the Year that our skin suffers the most (dry, cold weather certainly isn't the most desirable), and so, our skincare routines need to be a combination of soothing, moisturising products. And that is where the Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum* steps in. I guess that to have happy skin you need a team of products that amp up each other and work together - I use any moisturiser - but, the Clarins serum is what does all the talking.

Clarins say ''[The serum] stimulates skin’s natural exfoliation process, helping to speed cellular renewal for a supple, toned, glowing complexion'', which I totally I agree with. After using this (before my moisturiser) my skin looks and feels a lot healthier and really does glow. 

This post includes a sample received in-store.

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