Bronze shades can be the final touch to a makeup look or the last accessory to an A-star outfit; but, it can be too easily overused in wrong areas. Bronze needs to be used delicatly - here are some do's and don'ts when accepting to the Bronze trend..

// DO
Wear on the eyelids: A touch of bronze can look lovely complimenting every eye colour and can aid you in creating polished makeup. Try: smokey eye makeup using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in ''On and On Bronze'' as the base; or The Body Shop Eye Liner in ''Burnished Amber'' in your waterline (just below your eye).

Bronze jewellery. Yes, yes, yes. One of the 2015 trends to come, in accessories, are minimlistic, dainty rings/necklaces/braceletts. Anything that looks like a Magpie might swoop it up, probably means you should too. Try: H&M Jewellery (they've had some lovely pieces recently).

For interiors: bronze lampshades, vases and pictures frames can look really classy and pull together an entire space. Try: H&M Home (again H&M are nailing it with decor).

Wear bronze (or gold, copper, silver) leggings. Unless your opting to look like a robot/disco ball, or you can totally pull them off (which most of us can't - but if you can then I admire you), stay away from metallic bottoms. Try: matte/leather style leggings instead - Topshop do some nice ones here.

Use a bronze-y fake tan. In my opinion, there's a difference between healthy glowing skin and the colour bronze. (I wouldn't honestly want to look like a metallic glitter ball all over no matter if this is how people expect to come back from abroad). Try gradual tan like the Dove Summer Glow instead or go au naturale and go without faking it whilst Winter is still here.

Do you like the Bronze takeover? Let me know in the comments!
(I'm no style/trend expert what-so-ever - of course - these are just some ideas I thought of.)