REVIEW // Smashbox Cream Eyeshadow

Can I just start by mentioning the packaging? How beautifully simple is that glass jar? Very. Smashbox is a brand, in my opinion, that bases its aesthetics to be very monochrome and stylish (both appealing to their target market). 

When I was in Glasgow with my Mum last month I was browsing around the high-end brands (knowing I had my Advantage Card Points stocked up), Smashbox was a stand that caught my eyes many times and so, I was intrigued to swatch more and more of their products. The Smashbox Cream Eyeshadow in ''Stone'', which is fairly similar to the budget Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in ''Permenant Taupe'', was particularly memorable and temped me to part with my points. After having, and using, Stone for around a month now I thought it was time I split the beans. Is the Smashbox Cream any better than the Maybelline offering (1/3 the price) or do I recommend you keep your cash for something else? Keep reading to find out..

Stone - A silvery grey sheen

Honestly, the Smashbox version isn't overly more buttery or easier to blend than the budget option, but, I do think it has a better wear time. Smashbox also have available a large range of shades compared to others (except in the US.. of course..) and so this could be a reason to splash out. By choosing Stone, the tone isn't incredibly different, and so, I wouldn't repurchase it. Nevertheless, it does feel special and expensive to use - and it looks good on anyones dressing table. Overall, for £16 I don't think I could justify putting it in my basket.

Bought with my Boots Advantage Card Points (lucky me, I know).

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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade! I definitely want to get this.. I never really pay attention to smash box products but i'll definitely make an effort to check them out more now after reading this post!

    han x